feeling accountable … a challenge

night skyI am a morning person. I wake up, bounce out of bed and attack the day. By mid-afternoon my energy is waning and by evening it is non-existent. Yet I find myself sitting here, trying hard to concentrate and be lucid, Why?

I had a conversation today with a friend, about all the things we have on our plates at the moment, and both of us were lamenting the 31 days thing. Honestly, I didn’t think I’d run out of steam so fast. And she is hand-making something for her blog every day, seriously, check it out at Capture 30 Days. I’m torn between admiring her spirit or thinking she is just slightly mad.

So yes, this “31 days of challenge” is becoming something of a challenge, (go figure!) But I also feel really accountable, this is something I committed to do, and want to try and do well. It also helps that a few of my friends have decided to jump on the 31 days wagon and hang on tight for the ride. Thanks for that Von and Alice!

So today just clearing the space in my head and getting the energy to write has been a challenge, physically just sitting down at the keyboard has been a challenge, heck even trying to formulate thoughts into coherent sentences has been a challenge, and that is why this morning person is sitting typing and trying not to fall asleep.

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