getting things done … a challenge

stair climb

At 10am this morning I texted my friend “shattered … and you?”

And I was, after a 5:30 wake-up call, (thanks Bubba Girl), I had thrown myself headlong into the day, as I had a lot to do for Little Miss’ party tomorrow. I had already baked muffins, and done the requisite shop for all the essentials, and knew I had a full day of cooking ahead of me. I also knew that I wanted to be a mum today and be present for my girls. Yet today was a not negotiable, today, I just had to get the things done.

Have you ever noticed how in the middle of the challenge there is a moment where it is no longer about procrastination or denial. A moment when the choice has been made just to suck it up and get started, and then some kind of weird energy kicks in and almost instinctively it gets done.

It is almost like the act of taking on the challenge, the sheer will power of choosing to start, and refusing to stop, fuels the energy needed to continue. A sort of power of perseverance.

And yes there were moments today when I had cake mix ready to go in the tins, but children who also needed to be fed, changed, noses wiped, or cuddled. There were times when things took a lot longer than they would have if the girls weren’t there. But I am really proud of the fact that I did the cooking and was a parent, and at the end of the day, we blitzed the house and only (you and) I know how hard it all was.