self-doubt … a challenge


Sadly lacking in energy, enthusiasm or motivation this evening.

We had Little Miss’ birthday party this morning, and while it was a beautiful time in the sunshine enjoying the park with family and friends I am now exhausted – this despite taking a Nanna nap this afternoon.

I am also regretting the whole 31 days decision for real now, I have hit the post decision low. I made the decision to write for 31 days while I was on holiday. Life was easier, Mr was around, we were out of the everyday flow of life. But this week with all the other things on my plate I have found it a bit like a further burden on my shoulders. I have also hit the self-doubt phase of any challenge. “Do I really have the skills to do this? Is it really worth while? Does anyone really care? Do I?” and the real kicker … “Would anyone notice if I stopped?”

But that’s not the point … I’d notice, I’d know. Part of the reason I took this on anyway was to make myself write every day and see what happened. I think what’s happening is I am learning something about writing through the self-doubt, and learning something valuable about me.

2 thoughts on “self-doubt … a challenge

  1. Well Jo, you would have noticed that I did some multiple posts last night so haven’t kept my side of the bargain. Life has taken over…BUT THAT’S OK! When I’ve taken part in this sort of thing before there have been times where we’ve played catch up. Hope you don’t mind me doing the same here. Work and gigs will be happening til the end of the month. Good on you for putting the idea out there in the first place and keeping up with it! xx Alice

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