I peer at the glass, strugglingto make out the image. Trying to discernthe shapeof the facestaring back at me.  A face so familiarand yet indistinct. The lineswon't settleas they should.Shifting and movingin spite of my gaze. The image blursas my stareintensifies.My eyeswateringunder the strain. I am obscuredand despitemy effortI can notmake myselfappear. Thena shard of … Continue reading Reflect

Chapter Five: BS, the stories we tell ourselves, and truth

I am not a person who swears very often, and so Amanda, Elaine and I were laughing about the fact that I drew this chapter for our Braving the Wilderness book club. In fact I was questioning exactly why Brené felt the need to call this chapter “Speak Truth to Bullshit. Be Civil”, until I … Continue reading Chapter Five: BS, the stories we tell ourselves, and truth

Chapter Two: Who am I?

To brave the wilderness and become the wilderness we must learn how to trust ourselves and trust others.  'Belonging' ... what emotions does that word bring up in you? For me belonging is a complicated concept. I left Australia at the age of four and returned at fourteen. During these first years of my life … Continue reading Chapter Two: Who am I?

the sacred work of becoming

Ever had the sensation of going about your everyday, the ordinary routine of the minutiae of life. When you are suddenly struck by the feeling of being present at something sacred? A few weeks ago a good friend of mine was speaking at a retreat. She was sharing a story she had written. As I listened to … Continue reading the sacred work of becoming