the sacred work of becoming

Ever had the sensation of going about your everyday, the ordinary routine of the minutiae of life. When you are suddenly struck by the feeling of being present at something sacred? A few weeks ago a good friend of mine was speaking at a retreat. She was sharing a story she had written. As I listened to … Continue reading the sacred work of becoming

new season?

We've been having some very confusing weather of late. We have had beautiful balmy weekends that seem to herald the arrival of spring and then wet and cold weeks where the wind is blowing straight off the antarctic. I am finding it very frustrating. I don't know whether to hang my washing or put it … Continue reading new season?

a letter to myself on the eve of my 40th birthday

40! So exciting. You say it all the time and people look at you in disbelief. Because people everywhere walk around regretting their ageing, and trying to deny it has arrived. But it is exciting … a new decade, a new start, a new adventure, a new you. I love how much you have grown … Continue reading a letter to myself on the eve of my 40th birthday