Creating Space

This weekend, we tackled a little house project I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. We moved the homework station, complete with notice boards, around the corner. It seemed a simple thing but it took two days of patching holes, and sanding, and repainting.

The result is that the kids’ stuff is more organised and all in one place. But the biggest change is that we walk into the kitchen and we see a blank wall.

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what I carry


I’m a people person. I am also an introvert. So I am a one-on-one or small group person. I connect best with genuine deep conversations. I am also empathetic. The result being that I often carry in my mind burdens and problems that aren’t mine to carry.

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doing vs feeling

Rising Strong square

I have a confession to make. While I love Brené Brown’s books, and her insights, I have never yet finished one of her books.


Because it gets too hard. Because she touches on a raw nerve. Because she goes too deep. Because she asks things of me that I am not completely sure I want to go through.

I know that in the end I will be a braver, more whole-hearted person. But I’m not sure I want to do the work and sift through my emotional debris to get there.

And then I said “yes”.

I said “yes” to a book club. I said “yes” to Elaine and Amanda. I said “yes” to accountability. So here I am Chapter 8 of Rising Strong and still going, and this chapter is asking a lot of me!

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the sore spot (or yes, I am writing about massage again!)

I suffer from back and shoulder problems. That is where I carry all my tension. And this is how I deal with it.

I ignore it. And ignore it. And ignore it.

Until the pain gets to the point where I can’t ignore it any more. So, eventually, I give in and go to the physio and get it worked on.

The thing about a physio is that they actively seek out the sore spots. Those spots that are giving you particular pain, and then they push on them.

They know that they need to work on those points, to allow the tension to release, and the muscles to unknot, and the pain to ease. But while you are lying there on the bed and they are pressing on those sore points all you can think is, “this hurts worse than before”.

Do you have those things in your life? Those sore spots you have been ignoring and hope will just go away? Is that working for you?

I do the same too, I think that if I ignore something for long enough it will disappear.




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