on control, fear, and trust

Amanda, Elaine and I have been on a journey. A journey of owning our stories, struggling through day two, rumbling with our emotions, questioning our SFD's and engaging in the messy work of Rising Strong. It has been intense, it has been soul-wrenching at times, and definitely life-changing. My journey this month has been one … Continue reading on control, fear, and trust

vive la revolution

What is a revolution exactly? Revolution: the overthrow or repudiation of a regime or political system by the governed; the inevitable violent transition from one system of production in society to the next; a far-reaching and drastic change, esp. in ideas, methods, etc. It sounds ghastly, it sounds violent. It sounds messy and hard. And … Continue reading vive la revolution

Inside Out, Brene Brown and Pandora’s box

  Mr and I watched "Inside Out" last night. We do this often, watch a kid's movie checking to see if it is a good one to share with our girls. So we settled down for fun night in, totally unaware of what we were in for. I cried the whole way through. "Inside Out" … Continue reading Inside Out, Brene Brown and Pandora’s box