vive la revolution

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What is a revolution exactly?

Revolution: the overthrow or repudiation of a regime or political system by the governed; the inevitable violent transition from one system of production in society to the next; a far-reaching and drastic change, esp. in ideas, methods, etc.

It sounds ghastly, it sounds violent. It sounds messy and hard.

And those of us who have been doing this Rising Strong journey together, would say a heartfelt “Oh, so that’s what it is”! Because that is exactly what it has been.

Revolution is actually an incredibly appropriate word. There have been times in this journey when I have felt the violent upheaval and overthrow of all I thought I knew about myself, and my reactions. There has been far-reaching and drastic change in the way I view my emotions and how I deal with them.

But as Brené says the revolution will not really happen until the process becomes practice. This is the realisation I came to when I watched Inside Out the other day. My ‘face down in the arena’ moment.

Because while, thanks to Brené, I now know all the theory. Until this becomes a practice that I am willing to step into, that I am brave enough to face, then the revolution will not happen.

Brené Brown process vs practice

It comes down to these questions. Am I willing to do the hard work, take the brave steps, get messy and allow the revolution to occur? Or am I going to continue to hide in doing, and numbing, and not feeling? Am I going to continue running from my feelings? Or instead turn and face them and in the process learn more about myself, and those around me?

In this chapter Brené quotes from The Gifts of Imperfection when she says:

Revolution may sound a little dramatic, but in this world, choosing authenticity and worthiness is an absolute act of resistance. Choosing to live and love with our whole hearts is an act of defiance. You’re going to confuse, piss off, and terrify lots of people – including yourself. One minute you’ll pray that the transformation stops, and the next minute you’ll pray that it never ends. You’ll also wonder how you can feel so afraid and so brave at the same time. At least that’s how I feel most of the time … brave, afraid, and very, very alive.

And that bit at the end about being alive reminded me of the one who said “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it in full.” (John 10:10)

Even though I know it’s hard. Even though I have had a vulnerability hangover that has lasted for days. Even though I know that I might not like some of what I find.

I still want that life in full.

I want that life where nothing is stolen from me, where even my own emotions aren’t stolen from me.

So I say “Vive la revolution!”


Book Club Question:

Do you thing the word revolution is a good one to describe this process and practice? If so why?
If not is there another word you would choose?


2 thoughts on “vive la revolution

  1. I like the sound of the world revolution, because it strikes chords such as victory, empowerment, change, big, making a difference.

    I am realising however as much as the big thinking, crazy dreamer in me wants revolution.

    The hurt little girl wants safety.

    So I spend my days trying to swing between the two and the emotions that are evoked from this place.

    The greatest revolution I have found from this book is reminding myself to be curious about my emotions rather than trying to make myself smaller, less of myself, or softer.

    When I find myself reacting, I am asking myself, what is actually happening here? That was a funny moment why was I responding that way.

    Curiosity is my new friend.

    It feels fun and expressive.

    I think a few counselling sessions may be in order, but the revolution absolutely for my family is finding why I respond sometimes in ways that I wish I hadn’t and living a more wholelistic life.

    It has been hard but seriously so transformative for me.

    I think my readers are ready for a bit more creative fun though.


  2. Revolution is a great word. Upheaval and drastic change are great descriptors. Life to the full is what revolution will bring it’s just putting it into practice that takes the work.

    You sound more confident and sure, Jodie.

    I’m working through my reflections on Rising Strong and realizing how much can change in a month.

    It’s a lifelong journey towards nearly wholeness and I think we’ve all moved forward. Vive la revolution!

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