Chapter Seven: On breathing, strength and vulnerability

Braving the Wilderness book club Chapter 7

My mum has asthma so I know how important breath is. I know how important it is that her lung passages are open, so she can breathe in and out with ease. I know that the simple act of breathing that I take for granted has been something she has to use medication to support.

Brené Brown talks about the importance of breathing in this last chapter of Braving the Wilderness. Recounting a conversation she had with Dr Joan Halifax.

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Chapter Five: BS, the stories we tell ourselves, and truth

Braving the Wilderness Book club Chapter 5

I am not a person who swears very often, and so Amanda, Elaine and I were laughing about the fact that I drew this chapter for our Braving the Wilderness book club.

In fact I was questioning exactly why Brené felt the need to call this chapter “Speak Truth to Bullshit. Be Civil”, until I got to the definition of BS. (And yes, I’m piking, that’s pretty much it for me on the swearing front).

Brené makes it clear that BS is very different from lying. Because lying is a tacit acknowledgement and fight against the truth, but BS is an absolute refusal to acknowledge truth at all.

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Chapter Two: Who am I?

Braving the Wilderness Chapter 2

To brave the wilderness and become the wilderness we must learn how to trust ourselves and trust others. 

‘Belonging’ … what emotions does that word bring up in you?

For me belonging is a complicated concept. I left Australia at the age of four and returned at fourteen. During these first years of my life I lived in eight different cities. I never lived in a country for more than three years at a time. I am what is called a Third Culture Kid (TCK).

I was Australian by birth, English by accent and international in outlook.

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Present over Perfect book club: embrace the journey



Today we reach the end of Present over Perfect and our book club. It would be tempting to say that we have arrived.

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