On 2017 and my year of embrace

In 2017 my word for the year was embrace. And as it has been a long time since my January post, I remind you again of the definition of embrace: Embrace: to take and clasp in the arms; to clasp as in affection, greeting; to accept willingly or eagerly; to take up a new idea, … Continue reading On 2017 and my year of embrace

Slow your Christmas: reflectively

I dropped the girls at school, and sighed deeply. It had been a morning of tears, and grumpiness. I felt I had gone ten rounds of emotional battle before 9am, (and lost most of them). I was weary and teary, but I rushed home and got things ready for the trip to Rockingham. I called … Continue reading Slow your Christmas: reflectively

Present Over Perfect book club: embrace less

Oh my goodness, Shauna, Part 5 of this book, where do I start? You write of the wrestle with people-pleasing and I nod my head. You write of learning to have fun and play again, instead of living in constant hustle, and I utter a heart-felt, 'Me too'. You write of rest, and simplicity, and … Continue reading Present Over Perfect book club: embrace less

Embracing 2017: Think days

Today I took a 'think day' after reading a blog by Tsh Oxenrider of the Art of simple. The premise behind this day is allowing yourself space just to think about life. She quotes author Greg McKeown: We need space to escape in order to discern the essential few from the trivial many. Unfortunately, in … Continue reading Embracing 2017: Think days