Embracing 2017: Think days

embrace 2017: think days

Today I took a ‘think day’ after reading a blog by Tsh Oxenrider of the Art of simple. The premise behind this day is allowing yourself space just to think about life. She quotes author Greg McKeown:

We need space to escape in order to discern the essential few from the trivial many. Unfortunately, in our time-starved era we don’t get that space by default—only by design.

It is a fascinating idea. I spend a lot of my time working through my to-do list. Even the to-do list that never gets written down, which usually involves washing, dinner, and a bunch of other household errands.

I have committed to try a think day once a month this year. So today I put all my lists to one side, I sat in a café and I started with ‘What’s on top?’

What is on top of my mind? And as I journalled and allowed myself space to think, I discovered my two main priorities for this year, my family and my writing.

As I wrote those two priorities down two more words emerged, ‘support’ and ‘hinder’. The definition of ‘hinder’ is:

to be or get in the way of (someone or something); hamper; to prevent

‘Support’ has a much longer definition among which is:

to give aid or courage to; to give strength; to maintain

There are a number of things that I can take on this year. A number of opportunities and experiences. Most of these valuable opportunities or great experiences. So I need a framework to assess the many good possibilities, to help me decide which ones are the best for me and my family in this season.

My questions then become, ‘Does this strengthen my family or does it get in the way? Does this support my writing or hamper it?’

And these questions can be applied to the blogs I read; my social media use; the way I organise my house; my family’s schedule; the purchases we make and so much more.

My next think day may look different, as each month and season looks different, but I can already see the benefits in taking time to pause and reflect, with no agenda.

Embracing 2017, embracing think days.

Join me for the journey,