Present over Perfect book club: an introduction

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I was in the middle of severe grief due to miscarriages, and I found this book called Bittersweet. I don’t recall what made me pick it up. Whether it was the picture of the crumbled chocolate on the front or the subtitle; ‘thoughts on change, grace and learning the hard way’.

Either way, it found its way home with me. As I read it, often with tears in my eyes, I was so grateful for this author Shauna Niequist. She managed to articulate her own pain in such a way that she gave me words to express mine.

I remember one blustery day taking the book with me as we drove to the beach to watch the storm come in. Mr and I sat in the car with the rain lashing our windows while I read him a section. Turning to him with tears rolling down my cheeks, I told him ‘this is how I feel’.

I have bought every one of Shauna’s books since then, and I am so grateful for this woman who is willing to talk about the hard along with the good, the dark as well as the light.

Her latest book Present over Perfect has been a revelation and revolution for me, and for many around me that have read it. So I am very excited to have it as our next book club book.

This book club is a little different as it is hosted online across three blogs, with Me posting on Mondays, Elaine on Wednesdays and Amanda on Fridays, with a discussion question after each post. The schedule is here, and will be updated as we go through the month so you can read our posts.

Once more this book has an amazing subtitle ‘leaving behind frantic for a simpler more soulful way of living.’

Sigh, just reading that makes me breathe out!

As Shauna says in the introduction:

My prayer is that this book will be a thousand invitations, springing up from every page, calling you to leave behind the heavy weight of comparison, competition, and exhaustion, and to recraft a life marked by meaning, connection and unconditional love.

We hope you will get a copy of the book and join us for this journey in Present over Perfect.




7 thoughts on “Present over Perfect book club: an introduction

  1. Great introduction, Jodie. This line says it all: ‘leaving behind frantic for a simpler more soulful way of living.’

    Can’t wait to read the rest of the posts!

    1. I love this idea of leaving the frantic as well, for a more simple life. The practicality of this with a 2 and 4 year old though is so very different. I am learning however to quieten my mind in the midst of the noise and also to stop trying to change others and instead change myself. Can’t wait to read your thoughts jodie. ❤❤❤

  2. Thank you Jodie, bought a copy today and read up to sea-change. I am very excited to be joining in my first ever book club;)

    1. Funny story Anja, these online book clubs are the only ones I’ve ever been part of! So great to have you join us.

  3. Thanks for sharing Jodie, just purchased my book on kindle today, am hooked already and looking forward to my first ever book club adventure:)

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