accept or embrace?


I knocked at her hotel door in floods of tears. I had spent the day touring the killing fields and torture centre of Phnom Penh. I thought I’d been doing okay.

I’d come back to the hotel and spoken with my family. I had eaten lunch and washed off the grime from the morning in the pool.

But as I sat in my hotel room vainly trying to read, I discovered an experience like that doesn’t wash off easily.

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word play (three words for the price of one)

The processing of my week in Cambodia to work with the wonderful people of Transform, continues. It has evolved, as I have worked through the questions that have been raised by my experience.  But currently I am going through a process of re-evaluating.

I am thinking carefully about the stuff we own, the things we fill our time with, the things we spend our money on, the relationships we cultivate, the things we think are so important in our life.

3 words


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On broken plates and beauty 


One of the images I took a mental snapshot of was a broken China plate on the side of the road. It was crisp and white with the rose pattern standing out. A glimpse of beauty in amongst the rubbish and dirt of the slum.

It is an image I can’t shake and it sums up the contradictions of Cambodia for me so far … beautiful but broken, flowers amongst the rubbish, stark white catching my eye from the dirt.

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