word play (three words for the price of one)

The processing of my week in Cambodia to work with the wonderful people of Transform, continues. It has evolved, as I have worked through the questions that have been raised by my experience.  But currently I am going through a process of re-evaluating. I am thinking carefully about the stuff we own, the things we fill our … Continue reading word play (three words for the price of one)

processing (a post Cambodia word play)

Things have been a little quiet around here since I got back from Cambodia and that is because I have been processing: Processing their reality and our reality. Processing the lottery that means my children are born in Australia with all the access to education and health that their birth place entitles them too, and … Continue reading processing (a post Cambodia word play)


Too much on my mind, so I'll sum it all up in a word play: expectant: expecting, anticipating, or hopeful; having expectations; pregnant; a person who expects something The thing about being expectant is it is all about the anticipation and the hope. And there is no real concept of the reality. It is a dream world … Continue reading expectant