2016: faith, vulnerability and community


My year runs in tandem with the school year, so I am really starting to get my mind around what 2017 will look like now. I have been labelling kids school supplies and checking uniforms and thinking about the year ahead.

Every year I chose a word for the year, and I will tell you my word for 2017 in my next post. But as I prepare to start this year it is a good idea to review last year’s word. I say word but in 2016 I chose a question … ‘fear or faith?’

When you ask the question ‘fear or faith?’ And then you choose faith, you find that faith leads you to places of deep vulnerability.

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dream on dreamer



There is something about being surrounded by people who dare to dream. Something about being surrounded by creative people who have big ideas. It makes me feel that my dream is not so silly or dumb. It makes me feel that if they can do it so can I. It helps me to stick it out in those dry hard times when the dream is the end of the road, and there is so much hard work still to be done to make it a reality.

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on chocolate, tea and choice

tea cup

I have been wrestling with some hard questions today, about the choices I make in the supermarket.

On the back of the International Women’s Day Facebook flood, I have the fate of hundred’s of women in my heart. Those women who have been trafficked. Those women who are slaves. And those women who are working in unconscionable situations to bravely raise their families.

But thankfully, that is over for another year, and my weary heart can take a rest.

Hang on, what is this I read about ethically-sourced chocolate for Easter? Ok I’ll print out the list, I can do that.

But then, I follow another link, and find out that tea-farming is also an area where people are being exploited.

And do you know what my reaction was?

Tea?! … As well?

Click on over to Kin Women to read the rest of the post.

Join me for the journey,


you’re a great mum

last week

Last week of school holidays … but who’s counting?!

I don’t know about you but this school holidays has seemed long. There have been some sweet moments, some fun moments, and a lot of hard moments of parenting. And, yes, I am counting down the days.

In my most trying weeks, I gathered my tribe around me to pray, because quite frankly I was out of ideas, so that seemed the best and only thing to do. And I received a very precious text from a friend. “You’re a great mum”.

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