you’re a great mum

last week

Last week of school holidays … but who’s counting?!

I don’t know about you but this school holidays has seemed long. There have been some sweet moments, some fun moments, and a lot of hard moments of parenting. And, yes, I am counting down the days.

In my most trying weeks, I gathered my tribe around me to pray, because quite frankly I was out of ideas, so that seemed the best and only thing to do. And I received a very precious text from a friend. “You’re a great mum”.

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gather and grow

who you needed

On Saturday, I had the opportunity to attend a gather and grow with Amanda Viviers. An introverted group of writers gathered around the table. All of us came with no clue if we knew anyone or not. All of us came with a desire to learn and an open heart to growth.  And so this reticent group slowly and quietly aired their questions, and shared their fragile dreams.

And I came away thinking. “Yes! This is what it is about”.

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