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On Saturday, I had the opportunity to attend a gather and grow with Amanda Viviers. An introverted group of writers gathered around the table. All of us came with no clue if we knew anyone or not. All of us came with a desire to learn and an open heart to growth.  And so this reticent group slowly and quietly aired their questions, and shared their fragile dreams.

And I came away thinking. “Yes! This is what it is about”.

Because my heartbeat is to encourage. Because my heartbeat is wherever you are on your journey, there is always someone ahead of you can learn from.  And always someone behind you, that you can be sharing your wisdom with.

All of us around that table are at different stages in our writing. All of us around that table have a different voice and a different audience, a different call on our lives.

But all of us running in our lanes, parallel to each other, are calling out over the lines, “hey you are doing great”, “or hey you can do this” or “hey take my hand I can help you with this tricky bit”.

Back when I started blogging 5 years ago, I would have loved to sit around the table with people of that sort of collective wisdom. To share goals, and information and encourage one another. It was a dream come true to sit there on Saturday. To see women come together, not to compete, but to encourage. To see this quietly strong group of women stepping out of their comfort zone and investing in themselves and each other.

How about you this week? Where do you need encouragement? Who can you encourage? Maybe you need to book that retreat, or call that mentor, or write that note of encouragement.

It might mean you have to step out of your comfort zone, but goodness the step is worth it.

join me for the journey,




5 thoughts on “gather and grow

  1. It was so amazing to meet you and the other ladies on Saturday. So much encouragement and wisdom has led to a warm heart and a reignited passion! Thank you!

    1. Agreed Tina! It was such a wonderful afternoon. I left feeling so understood and encouraged. Maybe we can do it again some time!

  2. Love that quote – be who you needed when you were younger – I have tried to do this on and off over the years with varying degrees of success – but this is a timely reminder

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