The things I do to avoid writing

cross and rosemary

There is a strange tension in writing this book. See the topic is grief. It involves delving into the hard stuff. It is not easy to write. When I do get words on paper it is inevitably draining.

Naturally this means I often find myself in creative procrastination, in order to avoid being emotionally battered by what I am writing.

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space to write

butt in chair


This school year we are choosing a weekly theme, as a family. One of the early weeks of school was “happy” week as a way to get everyone adjusted to the school routine. Another week was dubbed “kind” week for obvious reasons!

The girls were very adamant this week should be “space” week. Not in a star-gazing way, but a focus on each member of the family giving the others space. It is that time of the term!

Today I have been thinking about space to write and to be honest I have been struggling. As I feel like I have had little space to write for the last week. But as I pondered those words this morning I remembered again that I am in charge of my own time. So if I have no space to write whose fault is that?

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