I peer at the glass, strugglingto make out the image. Trying to discernthe shapeof the facestaring back at me.  A face so familiarand yet indistinct. The lineswon't settleas they should.Shifting and movingin spite of my gaze. The image blursas my stareintensifies.My eyeswateringunder the strain. I am obscuredand despitemy effortI can notmake myselfappear. Thena shard of … Continue reading Reflect

In the depths

in the depths poem by Jodie McCarthy

I notice it already,the shortnessof breaththe tightnessin my chest I don’t want to venturebelowthe surface the shallowsare safeand known the deepis murkyand unclear yetsomethingdrawsmeunder a faint glimmerin the gloomy darka hint thatperhapsthereis treasureto be found so, I breathedeepand dive (Note: This post is part of Amanda Viviers #writemakecreate challenge for Summer)