What I am reading in March


Here we are tail-end of March, and I haven’t told you my reading picks for the month yet. And that is because I have simply been reading. Instead of deciding to read … I have just been reading, and reading, and reading. It’s amazing how much reading time there is when you are not watching TV.

So this is a summary of what I am reading or have read this month in some broad categories.

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Remembering another Easter (or the story behind my blog header)

Remembering another Easter (or the story behind my blog header)

Yes, that photo above is me. It is me sitting in the courtyard outside our room in a quaint little hotel in Besançon France.

We were in France for a friend’s wedding, and as part of the planning had added a week each side of the event to explore. We chose the town Besançon, and the hotel at random from a Lonely Planet guide book.

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weekend whimsy

weekend whimsy

I am really enjoying Wednesday wordplay so I thought I might add another regular post where I share some of my favourite poems. Like wordplay I don’t plan to analyse the poems too much, just present them and let them speak to you.

So in my continuing love affair with alliteration (and it seems the letter w) I introduce “weekend whimsy”, a little poetry to start your weekend.

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