The unravelling

Is this what it looks like?The unravelling?The threads I thought held me togetherslowly pulled at one by one. With a twist and a tug,busyness,gets stripped away,and underneathduty and guilt, are knotted about me.They too are untangledrevealingshame and perfection. The unravellingis disorienting. As the threads unwind I am spun around, no longer sure which way is … Continue reading The unravelling

In the midst

The trees are darkand closing in You don’t know howyou found yourselfhere but you did You are tiredyou stumbleand overcome by exhaustionslump to the ground The reality of lifeis overwhelmingthere is no clearpath aheadjust this placein these woodsin the gloom May you knowthat it is okayto find yourselfhereon the forest floor May you not rejectyour … Continue reading In the midst


I peer at the glass, strugglingto make out the image. Trying to discernthe shapeof the facestaring back at me.  A face so familiarand yet indistinct. The lineswon't settleas they should.Shifting and movingin spite of my gaze. The image blursas my stareintensifies.My eyeswateringunder the strain. I am obscuredand despitemy effortI can notmake myselfappear. Thena shard of … Continue reading Reflect

In the depths

in the depths poem by Jodie McCarthy

I notice it already,the shortnessof breaththe tightnessin my chest I don’t want to venturebelowthe surface the shallowsare safeand known the deepis murkyand unclear yetsomethingdrawsmeunder a faint glimmerin the gloomy darka hint thatperhapsthereis treasureto be found so, I breathedeepand dive (Note: This post is part of Amanda Viviers #writemakecreate challenge for Summer)

You’re doing just fine mumma

  As another day dawns way too early with bouncy kids and too little sleep. You’re doing just fine mumma.   As another day brings fresh tantrums, hurt hearts and broken relationships. You’re doing just fine mumma.   As another day begins with finding lost shoes, brushing hair, and making lunches. You’re doing just fine … Continue reading You’re doing just fine mumma