The unravelling

Is this what it looks like?
The unravelling?
The threads I thought held me together
slowly pulled at
one by one.

With a twist and a tug,
gets stripped away,
and underneath
duty and guilt,
are knotted about me.
They too are untangled
and perfection.

The unravelling
is disorienting.
As the threads unwind
I am spun around,
no longer sure which way is up
nor down.

The unravelling
is revealing.
I am vulnerable,
no longer covered by that
which made me useful,
that which made me matter
in this world.

Yet the unravelling is

I shake off the threads,
that cling
though no longer

And I see
it’s okay
to just

Jodie McCarthy

6 thoughts on “The unravelling

  1. Beautiful, Jodie. Your words encapsulate what a lot of people are feeling and going through. xx❤️

    1. So many emotions Elaine, poetry seems to be the way for me to work through them. xx

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