Embrace the stretch

I love my body balance classes. I love the way we start with gentle Tai Chi movements. Followed by the balance section of the class when we all try really hard not to wobble, then ab-workout which is always killer, and lastly the twists. Our instructor often tells us at this point of the class to ‘embrace the stretch’.

So I lean into the stretch and I feel my muscles lengthen and protest slightly in a good way.

It makes me wonder how often in life I actually lean into things that grow and stretch me. How often I embrace the stretch and how often I flat out resist it.

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fear or faith – choosing to make mistakes


I have a fear of making mistakes. As a third culture kid, moving to a new country every three years, I got very good at figuring out the culture and the expectations. And in constantly differing school environments, I also learnt very quickly the cost of making mistakes. A mistake pretty much set me up for an unhappy next three years. So I got good at playing it safe. Avoiding risk and sticking to my strengths got me through.

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Now what?

time again

As a student I used to dread exams, the time that I used to study seemed hard and unnecessary. I thought that I had done the work and I knew my stuff. (My marks often demonstrated the truth or not of that!)

As a teacher I understood the need for them, but dreaded all the marking. The demonstration of how little or how much my students had taken in over the course of the year.

Now I am a stay at home mum with no exams to set, mark or even sit, and I am struck once more by how useful the process is.

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