The unravelling

Is this what it looks like?The unravelling?The threads I thought held me togetherslowly pulled at one by one. With a twist and a tug,busyness,gets stripped away,and underneathduty and guilt, are knotted about me.They too are untangledrevealingshame and perfection. The unravellingis disorienting. As the threads unwind I am spun around, no longer sure which way is … Continue reading The unravelling

on values, boundaries and attitudes

We have had a terse few weeks, with fractious tempers, unkind words and ok, I admit it, a fair bit of shouting in this house. Finally after a family meeting, peace is on its way to being restored. But, while the kids have had some explicit lessons, I also have had some internal realisations of … Continue reading on values, boundaries and attitudes

on voice, process and learning

A large part of my writing journey this year has been understanding how I work. Figuring out what my process looks like has been as important as the actual writing. Sometimes you work out your process by implementing ideas that work. For example, I have discovered that for my writing day to work well, it is … Continue reading on voice, process and learning

fear or faith – choosing to make mistakes

I have a fear of making mistakes. As a third culture kid, moving to a new country every three years, I got very good at figuring out the culture and the expectations. And in constantly differing school environments, I also learnt very quickly the cost of making mistakes. A mistake pretty much set me up … Continue reading fear or faith – choosing to make mistakes

the sacred work of becoming

Ever had the sensation of going about your everyday, the ordinary routine of the minutiae of life. When you are suddenly struck by the feeling of being present at something sacred? A few weeks ago a good friend of mine was speaking at a retreat. She was sharing a story she had written. As I listened to … Continue reading the sacred work of becoming