a quiet mind

At this time of year my life is marked by the never-ending internal list. You know the one cataloguing presents purchased, food to be organised, the Christmas shirt required for the end of year concert, etc. Add to that the everyday chores and I find I am subject to a constant internal dialogue that means my … Continue reading a quiet mind

on values, boundaries and attitudes

We have had a terse few weeks, with fractious tempers, unkind words and ok, I admit it, a fair bit of shouting in this house. Finally after a family meeting, peace is on its way to being restored. But, while the kids have had some explicit lessons, I also have had some internal realisations of … Continue reading on values, boundaries and attitudes

This one’s for the mums … winter word play – sanity

sanity: the state of being sane; good sense or soundness of judgement What does sanity look like for you? We are in week 8 of the school term, the kids are tired and ratty. I am over it. We are all looking forward to a holiday, and we all need some sanity. And the thing … Continue reading This one’s for the mums … winter word play – sanity

on chasing dreams

Dream: a cherished hope, aspiration I have been thinking a lot about dreams of late. Those desires placed in your heart that take time and effort to come to fruition. What is a dream exactly? It is nebulous, difficult to quantify. Elusive. When we wake from sleep dreams are often hard to remember.  We search for them … Continue reading on chasing dreams