This one’s for the mums … winter word play – sanity

blog post on staying sane as a mother

sanity: the state of being sane; good sense or soundness of judgement

What does sanity look like for you?

We are in week 8 of the school term, the kids are tired and ratty. I am over it. We are all looking forward to a holiday, and we all need some sanity.

And the thing is that can look quite different, depending on the day, the season, or let’s face it even the hour.

Yesterday, my sanity was excavating my dining table from the paper mountain (creative expression), generated by my girls. Today sanity has been catching up on blog posts and James Corden videos. Tomorrow it may be sitting in a café writing, or praying with a friend. Sanity can look as small as painting my nails, or as big as booking in for a massage. It could be a cup of tea in the garden, or a lunch catch up with a friend. Sometimes sanity is actually saying no to something, with a gentle “sorry, but I just can’t manage that right now”.

Sanity comes from the latin word sanitas which means health. It is about what is healthy for me right now. What will help me get through this hour, this day, this week and all the way to the end of term, which brings the holidays (and the need for more sanity!)?

And what is healthy for me may not be healthy for you. I love a morning walk, but there is no way you will get me on a bike.

What are some things that are healthy for you, things that you love to do, things that restore your soul, or things that make you smile. Maybe take some time to write them down.

Then pick one and do it. Inject some sanity into your day.

As for me, I’m going to make a cup of tea.

Join me for the journey,