on chasing dreams

on chasing dreams

Dream: a cherished hope, aspiration

I have been thinking a lot about dreams of late. Those desires placed in your heart that take time and effort to come to fruition.

What is a dream exactly? It is nebulous, difficult to quantify. Elusive.

When we wake from sleep dreams are often hard to remember.  We search for them in a state of semi-consciousness in hope that they don’t evade us.

Dreams of the heart are the same too. Due to their very elusiveness, their intangibility, we often feel that dreams are out of our reach. We try to chase them, and when they disappear into the fog, we give up saying, “they are never going to become a reality”.

Yet there are those who are dream chasers. Those willing to stay the course, and chase down those misty thoughts.

There are those who pursue dreams which dance two steps ahead in the fog. Fading in and out of the light like a will-o’-the-wisp.

There are those who eventually catch them, creating the visible from the unseen.

For the dream-catcher the chase is worth it, the search, the wrestle, the struggle to realise those dreams. There is a sense of calling forth something from where there was nothing.

What is your dream today? Is it almost imperceptible? Is it leading you on a merry chase? Is it flitting in and out of your consciousness?

Dig in deep and find it. Follow it. Chase it down. Bring it into the light. Do the work, make the effort to make it a reality.

Become a dream-catcher.

It is worth it.  All the dream-chasers and dream-catchers alongside you say “it is worth it.”

Join me for the journey,


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  1. Just last night I said to a friend, “It’s like a fog of reality has drifted over and interrupted my dreams of hope for a better future.” How much I needed to read this today. I am so encouraged by your words, Jodie!

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