dream on dreamer



There is something about being surrounded by people who dare to dream. Something about being surrounded by creative people who have big ideas. It makes me feel that my dream is not so silly or dumb. It makes me feel that if they can do it so can I. It helps me to stick it out in those dry hard times when the dream is the end of the road, and there is so much hard work still to be done to make it a reality.

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on baby steps and faith

work space

What does faith feel like to you?

I often have an idea that faith is the big steps; the leaping out of an aeroplane type steps that we take in life. I am learning that what looks like leaping out of an aeroplane, is actually often the product of a lot of  planning, praying, and organising.

For the observer it looks like the person is leaping, but to the person themselves it is a simple step.

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the waiting

I haven’t been posting in this space for a while, mainly because I was waiting for my study to be painted and the house to return to normal. But my study is painted, order is restored, I have a beautiful writing space and yet, still I hesitate, still I delay. I just can’t seem to think of anything to say.


And it’s because I am in the waiting. That nebulous space where I am waiting for inspiration, for something worthwhile to say.

I feel like I am in that stage for a number of things at the moment. I am brimming chock full of ideas, with very little clarity as to implementation or even direction. I am in the waiting.

Being a person of faith, I have thrown it all up in the air, and what do you know? No answers yet, still waiting.

But what if I treated the waiting as if it were important too?

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between two worlds

I’ve been thinking a great deal about my capacity lately. My ability to do everything that’s on my plate. My ability to hold together the varied and different threads of being Jodie.

I feel quite stretched to be honest. I feel like my feet are bogged down in everyday kiddie world, and my head is floating around in writing and words … and possibilities and ideas … and dreams. And the problem with that is I live in neither place. When I am in kiddie world, I am often mentally absorbed by the elusive thought or idea that I am tracking down. And when I try to explore the ethereal world of my dreams and ideas, I am inevitably bought back to earth by something extremely mundane, and oftentimes quite gross.

It is quite jarring, being wrenched from one world into another on a daily basis. And yet I know for me to be happy and healthy I need to travel through both these worlds daily. I am searching for a middle ground, a way to accommodate my reality and explore my dreams. A way to be present in whichever moment or opportunity presents itself. Whether it is an opportunity to dream, or to serve my children by wiping noses. Whether it is a moment of peace and tranquil reflection or one of pure mayhem. Whether it is feet bogged or head floating.

And I’m not really sure where to start, but I do have a feeling it might have something to do with discipline, routine and snatched opportunities. How about you? How do you make time and space for your dreams in the minutiae of everyday?

dream a little

time to dream

I love books, any books, our house is full of them and it makes me feel like all is okay with the world if we have books around us.

The other day I went to a great toy store, to get some goodies for my daughter and came away with a picture book, So Few of me . My daughter will definitely get to share this book, but I bought it mostly for me.

It is the story of a little boy Leo, with a long to-do list and how it would be great to have more of him to get everything done. So he creates nine more Leo’s to help him.

I don’t know why, but it resonated with me somehow! Even looking at the list above there is so much I connect with.

In particular this little snippet of conversation between Leo and his nine clones has got me:

“I was dreaming” said Leo softly.
“Dreaming was not on the list!” they roared.

So today, like Leo, my goal is to keep a short list and make sure I have time to dream.