between two worlds

I’ve been thinking a great deal about my capacity lately. My ability to do everything that’s on my plate. My ability to hold together the varied and different threads of being Jodie.

I feel quite stretched to be honest. I feel like my feet are bogged down in everyday kiddie world, and my head is floating around in writing and words … and possibilities and ideas … and dreams. And the problem with that is I live in neither place. When I am in kiddie world, I am often mentally absorbed by the elusive thought or idea that I am tracking down. And when I try to explore the ethereal world of my dreams and ideas, I am inevitably bought back to earth by something extremely mundane, and oftentimes quite gross.

It is quite jarring, being wrenched from one world into another on a daily basis. And yet I know for me to be happy and healthy I need to travel through both these worlds daily. I am searching for a middle ground, a way to accommodate my reality and explore my dreams. A way to be present in whichever moment or opportunity presents itself. Whether it is an opportunity to dream, or to serve my children by wiping noses. Whether it is a moment of peace and tranquil reflection or one of pure mayhem. Whether it is feet bogged or head floating.

And I’m not really sure where to start, but I do have a feeling it might have something to do with discipline, routine and snatched opportunities. How about you? How do you make time and space for your dreams in the minutiae of everyday?

dream a little