on creativity, dedication and joy

Elizabeth Gilbert

We have reached the end of our online bookclub and the question Elaine, Amanda and I have for this last post is:

What have we learned about creativity from Big Magic?

For me it can be summed up in two phrases: Take it seriously and hold it lightly. These two phrases seem to be contradictory, but it is important that they both exist side by side in my journey with my creativity.

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Are you passionate enough to endure?


everything sucks Mark Manson

I love writing. I love the thrill of a phrase that sits perfectly on the page. I love the tap of the keyboard, and the soft scratch of pen on paper. I love the feeling you get when you manage to capture an elusive emotion in a few words. I love those days when I am in the zone, words flowing so fluidly that hours can pass before I look up again.

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on permission, entitlement and calling

Elizabeth Gilbert on permisson

I place two fresh-baked muffins on the bench, and wait for the smell to waft through the house. Before long two hopeful pairs of eyes greet me, with “Mum, may we please have a muffin?”

The gift of writing to me often feels like that fresh-baked muffin sitting on the bench and I am the hopeful little girl, looking at it.

I just want to ask someone, “May I please … ?”

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