blessing for a winter Wednesday

blessing for winter

Winter is here, and the year is almost halfway past. So it would be tempting to think that the pattern for this year is set. That the everyday humdrum will be your reality for the remainder of this year.  And that each day will blur into months of the same.

But I am telling you, there is still time to create adventures, to dream afresh and to be inspired. You don’t have to wait until next year, or spring, or even next week, to start. Start where you are. Here on this winter Wednesday, breathe, and plan, and dream:

May the crisp breeze sneaking in around the back of your neck, give you a prickle of anticipation, a foreshadowing, of the wind that will blow through your life. Freshening the stale, the too comfortable, the too cosy.

May the winter sun warm your back, as you turn your face to the clear blue sky of your dreams.

May the cold rain wash away discontent and disenchantment from your soul.

May the thunder speak into you new visions. And may bright flashes of inspiration, illuminate your ideas.

May this season be one of hidden growth in the depth of your soul. May your roots sink deep, and your becoming be strong and sure.