on baby steps and faith

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What does faith feel like to you?

I often have an idea that faith is the big steps; the leaping out of an aeroplane type steps that we take in life. I am learning that what looks like leaping out of an aeroplane, is actually often the product of a lot of  planning, praying, and organising.

For the observer it looks like the person is leaping, but to the person themselves it is a simple step.

For someone suffering with chronic depression, it is the hard but simple step of choosing to get out of bed.

For the person embarking on a new business venture, it is the hard but simple step of registering the business name.

For a stay at home mother, it is the hard but simple step of finally enrolling in the course she has always wanted to do.

For someone with chronic illness, it is the hard but simple step of (once again) taking those medications that knock you about.

For the bereaved, it is the hard but simple step of making it through the day without their loved one.

Little steps, not big leaps.

Have you ever watched a child learn to walk? They painstakingly pull themselves up to standing, and then they let go. Wobbling unsteadily with a slight bemused smile. Then they place one step then the other. Usually only managing 2-3 steps before tumbling, crying and trying again.

These people: the bereaved; the mother; the new entrepreneur; they are all taking tentative steps.  Unsure of the terrain. Bemused by their own audacity. Astounded that actually they can stand, even if a bit wobbly. These people sometimes manage only a few steps before falling, and trying again.

small steps

What are your baby steps?

My baby steps are every day sitting down at the computer and writing until the words flow.  I have set myself a task this year of writing a book.  And I know that the end product does not come in one big flying leap. But it is built in baby steps every single day.

It is that simple and that hard.

Join me for the journey,