leaf on grass

I was having coffee with a friend the other day and I was struck by her bangle inscribed with “live in the moment”. It initiated a conversation about just that topic and I went home and wrote the phrase on a post it note for my board.

But what exactly is a moment?

My dictionary says this:

moment: a short indefinite period of time; a specific instant or point in time; the present point in time; import, significance or value

Which is a clinical if correct definition, as required by a dictionary, of course!

Here are some of my definitions of moment:

A moment is a hug, or a word said in anger.

A moment is a pause to examine a beautiful leaf, or a “hurry up” through gritted teeth.

A moment is choosing to really see the cashier, or just being preoccupied with the contents of your handbag.

A moment is tasting your food instead of eating.

A moment is observing your  surroundings on your daily commute.

A moment is really listening, really feeling, really seeing, really being present.

I love that the clinical dictionary definition above, includes the more lesser used meaning of “import, significance or value”, as in “man of moment”.

Because in those brief periods of time there is so much of significance. Our moments are momentous, if we actually open our eyes to see.

Here’s to living in the moment.

Join me for the journey,