In praise of this ordinary day

  In praise of this ordinary day. This day where you stumble bleary-eyed into the shower. This day where you make lunches and defuse arguments before breakfast. And like every other day, somehow manage to get the kids to school on time. This day where you hang washing, and run errands, and mop floors, and … Continue reading In praise of this ordinary day

Prayer for the Writer

  As you sit, pen in hand, the blank page of promise before you.   May inspiration arise within.   May words flow strong and true, dripping from your pen like dewdrops.   May you shake off the doubts, and comparisons that assail from all sides. Discarding them like an unwanted coat.   May you … Continue reading Prayer for the Writer


  remember we say because our memories are like sieves and we don’t remember from day to day but he he can never forget though he tries with medication and alcohol and activity the images haunt him day and night more real than reality he still flinches at the sound of a helicopter overhead heart racing schooling … Continue reading Remember

February is for poems and poets

February is the month for love, with Valentine's day taking a starring role. And love means poetry, and poetry means awful soppy love poems doesn't it?! I happen to think not. I happen to think that some of our greatest poets are often masquerading as song-writers. People like Jewel and Bono, who put a phrase … Continue reading February is for poems and poets

Remembering another Easter (or the story behind my blog header)

Yes, that photo above is me. It is me sitting in the courtyard outside our room in a quaint little hotel in Besançon France. We were in France for a friend's wedding, and as part of the planning had added a week each side of the event to explore. We chose the town Besançon, and … Continue reading Remembering another Easter (or the story behind my blog header)