Spring Reads


I am a bit late posting my spring reads, but I blame the weather. I am guessing when it feels a bit more like spring, it will actually be technically summer. Try explaining that to a five-year old, like I have been for the past few months. ‘Yes, I know it is spring by the calendar, but no, a tank top is not appropriate when the weather is 16C and raining.’

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Winter Reads

winter reads

I started the year excited for the book of the month idea, but once we hit May it all went out the window. Mostly because May was all about the Big Magic bookclub. (And if you missed that, all the posts are still available here to read at your own pace).

Just because I stopped blogging about my reads doesn’t mean I have stopped reading. So here is a quick summary of the books that have stood out to me over the last few months.

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the magic of books

something magic

Last year I had a number of books that shaped my year. Brené Brown’s Rising Strong of course with the bookclub I was part of in October, as well as others I mentioned throughout the year.

On New Year’s Day my 6 year-old daughter bought us all an A3 sheet of paper with the title “what I want to do this year” written along the top. One of my things is ‘read more’.

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