In praise of this ordinary day


In praise of this ordinary day.

This day where you stumble bleary-eyed
into the shower.

This day where you make lunches
and defuse arguments
before breakfast.

And like every other day,
somehow manage
to get the kids to school on time.

This day where you hang washing,
and run errands,
and mop floors,
and clean bedrooms.

This day where you cook,
and clean,
and wipe,
and sweep.
And then do it all again.

This day where life is normal,

This day,
yes, even this day
is to be praised.

For on this day you set aside your impatience
and your exasperation.

On this day you continued
in the face of unrelenting sameness.

On this day you loved
On this day you served.
On this day you fed.
On this day you clothed.
On this day you sheltered.

On this day you created a home.

4 thoughts on “In praise of this ordinary day

  1. So true, sometimes we get caught up thinking that the ordinary and mundane don’t make a difference and don’t need to be celebrated. This is life and on those days when the ordinary and mundane are all that we manage, we need to know that it is ok and those in our family units need us to manage the mundane !!

    1. I agree Sabrina, it is something been something I have been wrestling with. I spend a lot of time thinking about creating high moments for my family, and although those are good. Most of life is lived in the ordinary and that is good too.

  2. Oh this is so wonderful!
    Thank you for reminding me that doing the same thing every day is actually pretty amazing and that I’m blessed to have the mission of motherhood.

    1. Hi Tina, lovely to hear from you, and hope you and the family are well. It is so true that in the midst we can resent the ordinary, but actually it is a privilege. I don’t know about you, but it’s one of those things I have to keep reminding myself!

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