7 things that have kept me sane this holidays

I don’t really feel the year has started properly until school kicks in … any one else like me?

So I am looking forward to school starting again next week and the return to routine.

But I am also going to be a little sad. We have 18 summers with our kids before they are adults and I want to soak up every day of each one.

Does that mean that it has all been sweetness and light over here? You have to be kidding me! But I have done some things that have kept me (and the girls) sane this holidays.

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the uncomfortable pause

grey beach

We have had a pause here, an extra day of rest.  A bonus on the end of our weekend that has allowed us just to chill and mellow with the family.

But so often we fill up these days too: “Woohoo, a holiday! Ok let’s tackle the jungle we call a garden; pick out the new paint sample for the lounge; redecorate one of the girl’s bedrooms; and cook the three course meal that we can’t do on a regular week night.” … Or is that just me?!

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