Slow your Christmas: reflectively

Slow your Christmas: reflectivelt
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

I dropped the girls at school, and sighed deeply. It had been a morning of tears, and grumpiness. I felt I had gone ten rounds of emotional battle before 9am, (and lost most of them).

I was weary and teary, but I rushed home and got things ready for the trip to Rockingham. I called my Mum as I drove, and then I called my best friend. Talking the whole trip down.

It wasn’t until I sat down at the table, and the timer was set for the ‘Shut up and write’, that I suddenly realised how worn out I was. Emotionally I have been holding my family together. But not even thinking about me.

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use the pain

the struggle


When I was giving birth to my eldest daughter, it was a public holiday and so we did not have my usual obstetrician. The new doctor came into the room as I struggled and pushed to birth my child and uttered these words of advice “get angry”.

It wasn’t really useful advice for me and when I was finally holding my beautiful daughter in my arms, he said “you don’t get angry much do you?”

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