the weary world

My girls are at an age now where they are enjoying the Christmas countdown. So much so they have asked me to have the numbers up, so they can see how many days to go. It makes them so excited, watching the days tick down, the inevitable fun of Christmas morning inching ever closer.

As for me. It makes me antsy having the numbers up there in front of me. Taunting me with how little time I have left, and how much I have left to do. In fact if I’m honest I want to take the numbers down. But I leave it there for my kids.

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It is December this week, and I see it hurtling towards me. I feel inside that tensing and bracing, getting ready for the oncoming onslaught of busy.

This happens every year.

Every year, I fight it.  The busy that December brings.

And, every year, I lose.

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her and me

cooking with mum

We were cooking today, her and me. Measuring together, talking, smelling spices, adding milk. As I caught a glimpse of her sitting licking the spoon, I caught a dull hard jab in the middle of my chest. And I was overwhelmed with missing her … in advance.

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