on rainbows, lists and hope


It is August, it is cold and rainy, and I have finally succumbed to a cold that has been threatening for days! I am feeling miserable and winter is getting me down.

As I pulled into the driveway after school drop off today, there was a rainbow right above my house. The familiar faded colours of hope, shining despite the clouds. And I thought it is time for a little list.

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what do foxes have to do with joy anyway?

joy marianne williamson

We live in a culture of complaining.

A culture where the answer to the standard greeting “how are you?”, is “busy” or “stressed”. Or we use it as a way to list all our problems as we detail just how complicated and hard and complex our life is.

I was struck by a line in this Audrey Assad song the other day, and I just can’t shake it:

and the foxes in the vineyard will not steal my joy

What is stealing your joy?

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time to … celebrate

My youngest had her 4th birthday yesterday. So on the weekend we had a little party for her friends. And last night the grandparents joined us for dinner and we made a big fuss of her (as you do).

I also helped in her kindy class yesterday. The teacher called her up the front and asked about all the fun and fuss for her birthday. Little miss was sharing all her news until she went off track and starting telling the teacher about celebrating our new bench!

Yes, the teacher was as perplexed as you. Allow me to explain …

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just a little list

just a little listIt has been a hard week. I am struggling with my daughters living life at a full on speed, with little or no thought for the rules, or volume, or the pause button.

I have found myself impatiently requesting them to be more patient. Or yelling at them to be quieter. Or hustling them out of the house whilst telling them they need to be careful to slow down. Yes, it has been that sort of week.

So it is the perfect sort of week to start a new posting idea!

No really!

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