on 2015 and the difference between planes and trains


We are in the in-between time right now. The pause between this year and the next. The time that I naturally reflect and consider, dream and plan, evaluate and pray, for the year that has passed, and the year to come.

Each year I like to choose a word or phrase for the year and 2015 was the year of “a new rhythm“.

So what did that look like for me?

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finish well


Last night just as I was going to sleep, I suddenly realised I needed to take morning tea for kindy today. You see this weekend was full of birthday parties, and today my eldest has an excursion, my youngest is dressing up as a book character and I forgot that I needed to take a share plate as well!

It’s a familiar feeling at this time of the year. There are so many parties, and gifts and end of year windups to remember, and I start to feel like I am constantly in a state of “what am I forgetting?”

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flowers in vase

Prompted by Elaine’s comment on yesterday’s post Now What? and a technique that Brené Brown uses, today I wrote myself a permission slip.

It says “you have permission to stop”.

As I wrote those words, others flowed out of my worn out and weary soul, and on to the page.

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focus on the details


My girls have a show they love to watch, a craft show, where the presenter creates amazing things out of random household products. He slowly crafts and creates, and a cereal box transforms to a recognisable blob.  But at the end, he says “now let’s add the details”. And that is when this cereal box becomes an amazing creation.

My girls love that. You hear them when they are crafting and creating themselves, “I’m going to add the details”. And it makes me think about how important the details are.

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what do foxes have to do with joy anyway?

joy marianne williamson

We live in a culture of complaining.

A culture where the answer to the standard greeting “how are you?”, is “busy” or “stressed”. Or we use it as a way to list all our problems as we detail just how complicated and hard and complex our life is.

I was struck by a line in this Audrey Assad song the other day, and I just can’t shake it:

and the foxes in the vineyard will not steal my joy

What is stealing your joy?

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on being intentional

be intentional and be free

I have a love-hate relationship with the word intentional.

Intentional: performed by or expressing intention, deliberate; of or relating to intention or purpose

I love thinking things through, planning and making lists. But I worry that too much planning can make life boring and staid with no room for spontaneity.

So I have struggled with it for a long time. But even as I continue to fight against planning inwardly, I am finding that being intentional brings clarity and space.

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