Slow your Christmas: deliberately

Slow your Christmas: deliberately
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I was talking with a good friend the other day, and she mentioned that what she remembers most in friendships is the things that take time. The beautiful handwritten card from one friend, another friend sitting with her at the hospital while her son had tests, another baking homemade banana bread every time they caught up.

I drove away from her place pondering this idea, the idea that things that take time, things that are slower often are the things that are more meaningful.

But we are coming up to Christmas, and I don’t know if it’s just me but has the Christmas madness started earlier this year?

Are people already too frantic to exchange pleasantries at the checkout? Are they already too frazzled to drive carefully in the car park?

This year I am craving a slow Christmas: a Christmas of intention and connection; a Christmas of being, not consuming; a Christmas of reflection and not hustle.

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flowers in vase

Prompted by Elaine’s comment on yesterday’s post Now What? and a technique that Brené Brown uses, today I wrote myself a permission slip.

It says “you have permission to stop”.

As I wrote those words, others flowed out of my worn out and weary soul, and on to the page.

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Now what?

time again

As a student I used to dread exams, the time that I used to study seemed hard and unnecessary. I thought that I had done the work and I knew my stuff. (My marks often demonstrated the truth or not of that!)

As a teacher I understood the need for them, but dreaded all the marking. The demonstration of how little or how much my students had taken in over the course of the year.

Now I am a stay at home mum with no exams to set, mark or even sit, and I am struck once more by how useful the process is.

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The break I thought I didn’t have time for

I have just spent a couple of days down by the beach.

We have been going through a pretty crazy season in our household with a lot of things on. So packing to go away was a bit of a hassle. Having to organise the kids and myself and going somewhere different. Having to make sure that we had enough warm clothes and food for the weekend.

But I forgot, the sea is calming for me.

vitamin sea

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