The break I thought I didn’t have time for

I have just spent a couple of days down by the beach.

We have been going through a pretty crazy season in our household with a lot of things on. So packing to go away was a bit of a hassle. Having to organise the kids and myself and going somewhere different. Having to make sure that we had enough warm clothes and food for the weekend.

But I forgot, the sea is calming for me.

vitamin sea

No matter what the weather, no matter what mood she is in, it blows away my cares, and soothes my soul. I have a deep affinity for the sand and the salt water, and every time I find myself at the beach I think “why, has it been so long since I have come here?”

Just wandering the shore, examining shells, picking up bits of driftwood, watching the kids splash in the wash with their grandfather, and building sandcastles, has reset my anxious and overwhelmed soul. I came back from this weekend with more vigour, and energy to tackle everything that is on my plate. And to be honest it doesn’t seem so overwhelming now.


Sometimes I get so busy that I think I just can’t afford to have a break, I have too much to do to go away. Actually the exact opposite is true. I am so busy that I absolutely have to take a break and in doing that I find that I have the energy and perspective to keep on with life.

How are you going?

Do you need to take a break?

What works for you? Is it the salt air, or the cool rustle of the eucalyptus trees? Is it the calm shimmer of the river or the red dust and dry heat of the north?

Maybe you need to find a way to get away, whether for an hour, an afternoon or a weekend. Restore your soul, and then come back with renewed energy and a fresh perspective.

I am very grateful my time away, (that I thought I didn’t have time for!)