the not quite yet

I am in the in-between time, where the plans have be made, the flights have been booked, pretty much everything is done bar packing the suitcase, and yet nothing more can really be done. I am prepared as much as I can be, and now my job is to wait until the appointed time before I can embark on my journey.


And this is more than a literal reality. It feels very true in other areas of life too.

The in-between time, the waiting time, the pause before the great adventure. And I wish it would hurry past, I want it to be over, this waiting.

But I forget, there is work happening here too. Some preparation is active, packing bags, making plans; other preparation is more internal, sitting with an idea, letting it seep into your soul, giving it time to breathe and grow.

It is very easy for me to wish away the waiting, but today I choose to embrace it.

Today I choose to let the waiting form me.

Today I rest in the slow ebb and tide of the wait. Allowing it to gently round my edges and make me ready.

Today despite the desire in me just do something, I sit, I rest, I breathe and I trust in the slow growing that only happens in the waiting times.

Are you in a time of waiting? Are you finding it hard to be still, and let that internal work happen?

Me too! But today I choose to trust that the waiting is important too.


One thought on “the not quite yet

  1. In my experience, the waiting is one of the most significant parts of any experience. Praying it’s a fruitful, peaceful wait that prepares you for a very important journey.

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