word play – prepare

It’s been a long time between blogposts of late and partly that has been due to a number of commitments that needed time away from the computer. But it also in part due to the fact that there has been some internal work going on, decisions that had to made that required more thinking time, sitting with a decision, mulling it over seeing how it feels, before trying another one on.

But I can’t seem to shake this word. It is echoing in my soul, and bouncing off my heart, so it seems to me it’s time for a wordplay.

Prepare: to make ready or suitable in advance for some use, event, etc; to put together using parts or ingredients; construct; to equip or outfit as for an expedition; be prepared: to be willing and able

It is so apt because I am preparing at the moment for my trip to Cambodia, and for a talk on behalf of Kin Women next week. But I also feel like I am being prepared. I am both subject and object in this preparation. As I write my talk for next Tuesday, I am being made ready and suitable. As I equip myself for my expedition to Cambodia I am being equipped. Above all I pray that as I put in the work physically, emotionally and mentally to prepare, I will be prepared. Jodie