What are your tears telling you?

tears When our church took on a centre for Transform Cambodia I turned to Mr and said “I am going to go there one day”.

And each time we heard of another team who had gone up, or received news from the centre, my heart would stir. And I would lean over and say to him again, “one day”.

We talked about it off and on without seeing a way for me to go. Then this year, the chance came up again and I found myself in tears when talking about it.

Frederick Beuchner says “whenever you find tears in your eyes, especially unexpected tears, it is well to pay the closest attention”. So I paid attention and in one month I am going to Cambodia. Because I said “one day”, because I listened to my heart and  because I paid attention to my tears.

I am not sure how it will be for me. I am not sure exactly how I can help, or even what I will learn. I am going because my heart tells me I need to, and the time in now right. I am stepping out into an unknown and it is oh so exciting and oh so scary at the same time. It feels like the beginning of something, and maybe even the end of something else. Even today when I think about it I get teary.

Have you said “one day” about something, has it still not come to pass? Listen to your heart, pay attention to your tears, wait for the opportunity and then jump.

Because one day might just be closer than you think,