on fake resting


I am the multi-tasking queen. At breakfast time while the toast is cooking, I make the lunches. While the kids are eating breakfast, I unstack the dishwasher. While Mr makes the coffee, I run sight-words with my youngest, and check the homework folders.

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the next right thing

the next right thing

I have been in a season of good things, a season of great things, a season of wonderful things that all happened one after another. I feel like I turned 40 and my life went crazy in the best sort of way. So from my birthday to now – the past three months have been very busy.

At the moment my spirit feels like a dust cloud, so many particles up in the air vying for my attention and I can’t see a clear way forward. Yet I am trying. So I am fumbling through the cloud, and getting sand in my eyes and throat, and wondering why I can’t see clearly and why I just can’t breathe.

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I’ve been away.

Consciously, deliberately, as a circuit breaker.

Firstly from social media. I found there were things being shared that I just couldn’t handle. I know myself, I know my limits, and it just wasn’t worth checking, so I didn’t.

I have been away.

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Take a break

I have just got back from my silent retreat. From Friday night until Sunday morning we were silent.

No talking, nothing. I spent the weekend with a group of people who did not talk.

And it was a wonderful break.

time and silence

But although it was a break from talking, it was also a break from other things too.

It was a break from social media. A break from email. A break from making polite conversation. A break from cooking, cleaning and being responsible for others.

But it is not normal life.

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