Take a break

I have just got back from my silent retreat. From Friday night until Sunday morning we were silent.

No talking, nothing. I spent the weekend with a group of people who did not talk.

And it was a wonderful break.

time and silence

But although it was a break from talking, it was also a break from other things too.

It was a break from social media. A break from email. A break from making polite conversation. A break from cooking, cleaning and being responsible for others.

But it is not normal life.

My normal life involves a fair bit of talking, and I do have to make polite conversation! I am responsible for others.  And among other things, this blog requires my presence on social media.

That said. It was good to take a break. To just step out of my life for a moment and reflect.

Now I know that this kind of retreat isn’t viable for everyone but isn’t it true that everyone needs a break.

What do you need a break from? Is it television or Facebook? Is it a break from cooking or cleaning? Is it a break from answering emails? Do you just need down time to sleep? Do you need to have a break from your kids for a while? (That’s actually ok)

This weekend took effort. I cooked in advance, I made a cake (chocolate by the girls request!) I organised some babysitting for while Mr was at work. I made sure all the laundry was up-to-date. I actually drove to the venue feeling a little more worn out than usual.

But isn’t that always the way. Sometimes we know we need a break, and we read a blog post just like this one and say “well that’s easy enough for you”. Actually no, it’s not easy. But I know that the effort is worth the reward.

So where do you need your break? Is it two hours in a coffee shop without the kids? Then organise a babysitter. Yes it may cost you, yes it’s a hassle but maybe the break will be more than worth it.

Is it taking a weekend where you just decide not to cook. Maybe that means you have to cook in advance, or order takeaway, or even put up with your family’s cooking. But maybe the break will be worth it.

Maybe you decide to sleep instead of clean one day. Maybe that means that you live with a bit of a mess for a while, but maybe it means you have more energy to tackle it?

Maybe you have regular no social media days.

Whatever it is, make the effort, create the time, take the break.

I know it’s worth it,