capacity and how it looks half way there

It is July, we are over halfway through the year, and I figure it is as good a time as any to see how my word for the year is travelling. What have I learned? How has it developed? Where do I still need to grow?

So in no particular order here are some thoughts on ‘capacity‘ my word for the year:

On fun –  with a capacity mindset, I am more inclined to say yes to the crazy ideas that my kids come up with. I think less about how much mess their ideas will create and more about how to make them work. The upshot of that is that we all have a lot more fun, and if at the end of the day I have to bundle them in the bath at 2:30, well we do that!

And it means more fun for me too. I have for the first time since my girls were born been able to read a fiction novel. (I only read non-fiction before as I felt that could take being interrupted better). I have just finished The fault in Our Stars by John Green and I have The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky, next to my bed ready to go. As my eldest is now 4 I have a fair bit of catching up to do.

book stack

On flexibility – This is related to the above point but, with a capacity mindset I am more flexible with my agenda and plans. If a friend calls and asks me to babysit, I don’t worry so much about getting things ticked off my list, because I know that’ll happen as well. I know I have capacity.

Perhaps counter-intuitively, flexibility also comes from the fact that I have embraced the idea that capacity actually requires a level of planning and scheduling. So I menu plan on a more regular basis, and also have managed to keep up with my weekly blogs. I do however want to try to create a more regular writing routine.

On rest – And yet, I have a real understanding that rest needs to be built in to my life. Having the idea of capacity at the fore front of my mind this year reminds me that it is actually finite. And if I don’t take time to recharge and relax, then my capacity will dwindle. So in the mindset of consciously scheduling in rest and recuperation, I am going on a silent retreat for the second year in a row, this weekend coming.

On saying no – still working on this to be really honest and again related to the point above. I am learning more and more that I need to have just a bit of time to make larger decisions. Instead of deciding in the moment, I need to evaluate them carefully and be ok with saying “can I get back to you on that”.

On the junk – embracing my capacity, understanding that I can operate at a level above what I was used to, to some extent means getting rid of the junk. All the dross and drivel that was unnecessarily cluttering my life and my mind. It means not entering into the irrelevant conversations and choosing to form new habits instead of lapsing back into old ones.

As always it’s a journey, but still a journey I am glad to be on.


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