on 2015 and the difference between planes and trains


We are in the in-between time right now. The pause between this year and the next. The time that I naturally reflect and consider, dream and plan, evaluate and pray, for the year that has passed, and the year to come.

Each year I like to choose a word or phrase for the year and 2015 was the year of “a new rhythm“.

So what did that look like for me?

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finish well


Last night just as I was going to sleep, I suddenly realised I needed to take morning tea for kindy today. You see this weekend was full of birthday parties, and today my eldest has an excursion, my youngest is dressing up as a book character and I forgot that I needed to take a share plate as well!

It’s a familiar feeling at this time of the year. There are so many parties, and gifts and end of year windups to remember, and I start to feel like I am constantly in a state of “what am I forgetting?”

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