finish well


Last night just as I was going to sleep, I suddenly realised I needed to take morning tea for kindy today. You see this weekend was full of birthday parties, and today my eldest has an excursion, my youngest is dressing up as a book character and I forgot that I needed to take a share plate as well!

It’s a familiar feeling at this time of the year. There are so many parties, and gifts and end of year windups to remember, and I start to feel like I am constantly in a state of “what am I forgetting?”

When I started my new rhythm this year I wanted to really be intentional with my time.

I don’t want the last two months of the year to carry me away on a tidal wave of responsibilities and requirements. I want this year of a new rhythm to finish well.

“Finish well”, this phrase has been going through my mind for ages now.

What does it mean?

It means making sure that doing doesn’t take precedence over being.

It means creating times of refreshment.

It means not neglecting creative pursuits.

It means finishing what I start.

It means giving myself grace when I get overwhelmed.

It means being disciplined about what I say yes to.

It means saying no.

It means not thinking about the next thing on the list but instead being present.

It means making things simpler.

It means remembering to feel.

It means still learning the unforced rhythms of grace.

How about you? What does finishing well mean to you this year?

Want to join me?

2015, Let’s finish well!


PS – I made popcorn for the morning tea!