the elusive muse

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I have been finding it hard to write lately. At first it was due to the amount of emotional effort that the Rising Strong book club took out of me. Then I had another thing on that was taking up my time, and energy, and then …

But you know, let’s be honest here, while these things are true, actually those are just excuses.

The reality is I am out of the habit. And the paradox is that when I am writing regularly I feel like writing regularly. And when I am writing sporadically I end up with more and more time between posts.

It is in the writing that I get the ideas. By consistently practising my craft on a regular basis I find that the muse finds me. It’s not how I imagine.

But really it is sitting down at the keyboard thinking out loud (as I am doing now) that often shows me, what I am pondering. It is with the sound of typing in my ears that I discover what is niggling at my heart. It is with the connection of pen on paper that my thoughts coalesce into a recognisable form and I hear myself say “oh, I didn’t know I was thinking that”.

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It is not rocket science but it is in the doing, that things get done.

And I know today’s may not be the most inspirational or encouraging post I have written. But it is in writing a post today, and then another one tomorrow, and another after that. That I find my direction grows and my ideas take shape, and the muse finds me.

In the end the muse won’t find me if I am staring at a blank wall. I need to be sitting with my pen in my hand, or the keys under my fingers. I need to be practising my craft, ready for the inspiration. So that when it comes. I don’t miss it.

How about you? Are you feeling discouraged lately, because the creative muse just won’t visit. What if your pick up your pen, your paint brush, your needles, and do the work anyway? You may be surprised what happens.


PS: and in the interest of keeping the muse alive – I am committing to posting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from now until the end of the year.

3 thoughts on “the elusive muse

  1. Hi Jodie – I just stumbled across your blog post and wanted to say hi and also that reading your comment “It is with the sound of typing in my ears that I discover what is niggling at my heart” hit me straight on. I hear you!

    1. Thanks for dropping by and commenting. I’ve been checking out your blog too, Big Magic is on my bookshelf just waiting for me to find an opportunity to read it.

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