just a little list

just a little listIt has been a hard week. I am struggling with my daughters living life at a full on speed, with little or no thought for the rules, or volume, or the pause button.

I have found myself impatiently requesting them to be more patient. Or yelling at them to be quieter. Or hustling them out of the house whilst telling them they need to be careful to slow down. Yes, it has been that sort of week.

So it is the perfect sort of week to start a new posting idea!

No really!

This blog started with lists, specifically to-do lists as a way to create some accountability for myself in my life a new mum. This week I feel the need to return to lists, and I am planning to make this a semi-regular post on a weekend along with “weekend whimsy”.

So given the week I have detailed above, this week’s list is just a few things that make me happy:

  • fun shoes
  • my new letter blocks that I can create any phrase with
  • singing christmas carols in the car with my girls (their current favourite is Michael Buble’s “Felice Navidad”. Honestly there is nothing cuter than a two-year-old and a five-year-old trying to sing along in Spanish).
  • exercising outdoors
  • waking up of my own accord (yes, for about a week now I have not been woken … amazing huh!)
  • morning snuggles with my girls on my window seat
  • my ritual morning cup of coffee made by Mr Barista
  • the bright orange of a Christmas tree in flower on the school run
  • dancing to Taylor Swift’s “shake it off”

deck the halls

Sometimes just making a list like this one, helps me to feel lighter, to see the good that has come of this week. It gives me a different perspective, and I understand that actually this week hasn’t been all battles. There have also been moments of fun and love and laughter.

Maybe this week has felt like a marathon to you too, maybe you want to try writing a things “that make me happy” list.

And then, do some of those things. Put on the fun shoes, the christmas carol, whatever you need to change your mood and lighten your spirit.

I know I’ve got my shoes on …


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  1. I didn’t know that about you starting the blog for the purpose of having lists! We love acknowledging the good and the happy … it overcompensates for the chaotic and mundane!

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